Adventure Group: Portland, Oregon


Volunteers make the Adventure Group possible. No one receives payment for leading events, serving as a Board member, or being a coordinator.

Vacancies: According to the Bylaws, the Board will fill the vacancy from those members willing to serve, with the selection occurring after two weeks following the notice of office vacancy in the weekly e-mail. Feel free to contact any Board member, if you have any questions or if you are interested in filling a vacancy.

Board Chair: The chair conducts all Board and club meetings; insures the club's business and activities are carried out in accordance with the bylaws; maintains relationships with other organizations (e.g. WOW weekend); and serves as registered agent for the corporation to the State of Oregon.

Winter Events Coordinator: The winter events coordinator provides assistance in scheduling winter events such as skiing and snowshoeing. The coordinator recruits members to lead or assist with winter events and provides them with instructions, policies, and event guidelines.