Adventure Group: Portland, Oregon

Outdoor Events and Safety Guidelines

When participating in most of our outdoor events, please follow these guidelines:

  • Observe the Buddy System. For example, at the start of a hike you will be introduced to the other members. Make yourself a "buddy" to two other participants. Then, during the hike, be sure that each of your buddies is accounted for.
  • One for All, and All for One. For example, when hiking, skiing, or biking, wait at all trail / route junctions until all participants have caught up to the group. This ensures that nobody gets lost or left behind.
  • Don't Wander Off On Your Own Without Letting Someone Know. For example, when hiking, tell someone if you are leaving the trail. If you turn back for some reason tell your two buddies and the hike leader.
  • We are a "green" club. This means that we observe minimal impact policies, and that if you carry it in, you should carry it back out.
  • Have fun!

The "Ten Essentials" is a list of items that can save your life in the event of an outdoor emergency. Click here to see the list as developed by the Sierra Club.