Adventure Group: Portland, Oregon

Gas Fee

The gas fee is based on the cost of one gallon of gas and the vehicle mileage. It is assumed that the vehicle gets 20 miles per gallon of gas. and that there are two passengers (plus driver) in the vehicle.

On 2/5/2015, the Board set the cost of one gallon of gas to be $2.00. Therefore the gas fee for events is $1.00 per 20 total miles ($2.00 / 20 miles = $3 / 30 miles; therefore, 3 souls in the car are each paying $1.00 per 30 miles of travel). [The driver doesnít actually pay the gas fee because the driver already paid the driverís share when they bought the gas.] All fees are in dollar increments.

Example: 90 miles is calculated as follows: 85 / 30 = $2.83, rounded up to $3.00. 100 miles is: 100 / 30 = $3.33, rounded down to $3.00. These fees are effective for events starting in mid February 2015.

Some hikes will require extra fees (for example, for bridge tolls and/or Washington day park passes). These fees will be split equally among the driver and all passengers. The trip descriptions for such hikes should include the amount of these extra fees.

Enter the total number of driving miles: .